Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Day of Wacky Fun with my Coworkers

If you are looking for wacky, family fun day games, you can learn a thing or two from Koreans!

Wednesday through Friday of this week is final exam time.  The students take finals in the morning and then go home.  Teachers spend the rest of the day planning, socializing, and having fun.  Today’s big event was a competition among the teachers…so much fun!

After lunch, the teachers all geared up and headed for the gym.  We divided into three teams based on departments.  Then…let the games begin!

First up was team jump rope.  Imagine 14 people trying to jump rope…at the same time!  We formed two lines of seven as two other team members began to rotate the rope.  Let me just say…it is hard to do synchronized jumping with that many people.  The winning team had a total of 3 jumps…my team got 2…the other team…none.  Since I was participating in this one, I don’t have a picture.
My principal and a coworker.

Next up was your good ol’ three-legged race.  A family-friendly competition just wouldn’t be complete without this one!  My team came in first for this one.

After some good laughs over the three-legged race it was on to Rock, Paper, know it as Ro-Sham-Bo.  Koreans call it Kawi-Bawi-Bo.  And they LOVE this game!  It solves disputes between students instantly.  If they’re arguing over something, just tell them Kawi-Bawi-Bo, they get a winner, fight ends…simple as that!  I even attended a wine party that included Rock, Paper, Scissors as part of the ice breaker.  So it’s only natural that it showed up at today’s competition.  My team came in second for this one.

Steal the flag was a fun game.  Imagine wearing flag football belts and flags and trying to rip them off the other team.  It’s a free-for-all of everyone running every which way.  So fun!  Even though my team lost. : (
The last three left...and the man won.
The next game was so unique and one of my favorites.  I refer to it as shoe toss.  There was a starting line and a target.  Then you had to flick your shoe into the target.  The team with the most shoes in the target area wins.  Hilarious!  And my team was the victor for this one. : )

And to bring it all home, the last game involved kicking a soccer ball past the goal keeper and into the net.  We came in second…I think (kinda lost track).  I did get a goal, though, so I was pretty proud of myself for that.  : )

And of course what day of wacky games would be complete without door prizes.  Names were drawn and prizes handed out throughout the afternoon.  I was even called one round to pick and read the names of the winners…good thing I know Hangeul (Korean writing system).  It made me feel good to be included in that.  : )

All-in-all very different and fun day to spend with my coworkers!  As always, looking forward to more adventures to come!

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